What are the Two Types of Essay?

An essay is something in which the writer has to explain or define something about the topic given. In essays, the writer has the ability to express his or her ideas and thoughts related to the topic. But this is not the case for every type of essay therefore, you can add ways how to write my essay today . Most of the time, in informative essays you have to just mention the information you have on the topic.

Essays basically fall into two broad types. The two types are:

Expository essays

Argumentative essays

If you are a student and about to write essay for your college final term paper, you need to be clear about which essay type are you about to follow. In other words, it is advised to choose the type of essay you are about to write, right before the essay is started. In order to analyze the fact that your topic falls in which of the two categories, you need to read on, because I’m explaining both of them in a minute…

Expository Essays

In expository essay, you have to explain the topic at hand, analyze its pros and cons and elaborate it from various view points. You can’t present your own thoughts. The informative essay types that I just mentioned earlier fall into this category. May be you do want to write your own thought or any suggestion that you might want to give related to that topic, to the reader, but you can’t. It is because these types of essays strictly demand you to be specific about the facts and figures and avoid any kind of critique that is associated with that information in general public.

Argumentative Essays

In these types of essays, the topic is defended or argued upon. The reader is tried to convince to the point which is being discussed in the essay. Furthermore, many arguments, examples, facts and figures are expected from the writer to include them. In reality, the persuasive essays fall into this category. These essays follow a kind of debating style and demand that the writer convinces the reader through various logical and practical examples. In these types of essays, the introduction must be captivating and convincing to the reader. The discussion must include major arguments that the writer tries to explain to the reader. The conclusion must be kept intense and must leave the reader pondering over the topic. The goal of this type of essay is achieved when the reader is convinced from the essay.

Two broad types of essay types are explained in the article. The first type is Expository, the second one is Argumentative. In the expository type of essays, the writer has to explain and analyze the topic, plus mention the facts and figures. But in the argumentative type of essays, the writer has to follow the debating   style and try to convince the reader of the topic through all the arguments that he or she can give. The structure of this type of essay is also explained.